Maintenance-free Lifestyle

Ready when you are

Invest in a balanced lifestyle at Wolfe Springs Resort and enjoy the best of what fractional ownership has to offer. It offers a four-season vacation-lifestyle opportunity that you simply cannot afford to miss.
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Compare to Timeshare

A chart of options

Fractional ownership offers an ideal opportunity to optimize what you’re getting out of property ownership while minimizing what you have to put in. Once purchased, the intervals are yours to keep forever. They can be passed down through future generations or sold at your discretion.
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Wolfe Springs & the Environment

A truly ’green‘ vacation

An added bonus for today’s environmentally-conscious citizens is that Wolfe Springs can also satisfy their desire to make eco-friendly buying decisions. Shared cottage ownership is fundamentally ’green‘ as it eliminates wasteful vacancies. In addition, the developers went to great lengths to minimize their environmental footprint—so much so that environmental experts concluded the resort would actually result in a net gain to the lake.
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Virtual Tour

See the property and the villas

Our luxury villas provide the perfect vacation oasis year-round. Your professionally designed and maintained villa offers you pure relaxation in well-appointed luxury. The open-concept floorplan includes a gourmet kitchen with wine cooler, great room with fireplace & flat screen tv and a master suite that comes complete with a soaker tub, gas fireplace and a stunning view from the private balcony.
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FAQ-Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership has blossomed as lifestyles have become increasingly hectic, waterfront real estate values continue to climb and boomers are starting to retire (and look for vacation properties). And unlike timeshare, fraction ownership enables buyers from all walks of life to enjoy a vacation property and have a life-long personal ownership stake in a piece of premium waterfront real estate.
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4 Season FUN!

0% of the work
10% of the investment and
100% of the FUN!

Four of your weeks are spread out throughout the year, and Wolfe Springs Resort and the surrounding area has great activities and events in every season.
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